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To provide a product which is safe and strong.  We won’t subscribe to the lighter is better trend, but focus on producing products which provide greater strength, reliability, and safety.

Being avid mountain bike riders, here at TRiP, we believe in giving back to the sport. So, we will donate a portion from each sale to the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).  Not sure who they are? Click on their logo to find out more and join!

The concept started back in 2013 when I wanted to take my son with me on bike rides towing a children’s trailer, but realized 12mm thru axle mounting options were non-existent.  After some rough sketches and some time in my shop, I made a prototype axle which allowed me to attach a children’s trailer.  I spent the next two years trying different designs and trying out different metals for the axle.  Friends and strangers began requesting axles, which I made for them.  It was with the encouragement and help from a friend, I decided to go all in and do a run of these axles.

Going back to my BMX roots and remembering 4130 Chromoly was the gold standard in material choice, I made the axle using Chromoly. The focus was not on creating the lightest 12mm thru axle, but something that was strong and safe which would give me peace of mind while towing my son around.  My passion for riding and bringing my little one on my rides motivated me to bring you the same enjoyment I experience.

Our current focus is on 12mm thru axles for towing children’s trailers and we will be creating other axles for various mountain biking disciplines as well.  Also, we are planning on introducing other products to the mountain biking community.