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If you feel you have encountered an axle with faulty materials or workmanship, please return the axle and TRiP will solely determine if any faults exists on the returned axle.  If a discovery is made, you will be issued a replacement or refund, at our option.

- Your axle is guaranteed for two years, against faulty materials and workmanship

- If your axle fails due to faulty materials or workmanship during the guarantee period,   a replacement or refund will be issued, at our option


- Any consequential damage due to improper installation of the axle kit

- Shipping and handling costs on returned axles

- Ordinary wear and tear or anything you break accidentally or deliberately

- Any unauthorized modification to the axle kit

- Abuse or misuse of the axle


Engaging in the sport of bicycling is fun, but does present some risks.  By pursuing this sport, you are accepting the risks that come with it and the responsibility of ensuring the axle has been mounted correctly.  If you are not comfortable with the installation process, it is recommended that a professional bicycle mechanic install the kit.

Before each ride, inspect your bicycle, TRiP axle, and trailer to ensure all parts are in good working order.  We recommend the TRiP axle to be used only to tow a trailer.

Due to the design of the TRiP axle, the exposed threads are vulnerable to the hard off-road trail conditions and not recommended to be used for that purpose.  Do not modify the axle, as any unauthorized modifications can void the warranty.  It is up to you to ensure all the parts included in the factory package are properly installed.